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Principal Choi hong Suk

Welcome to website. Hello, this is Principal Choi hong Suk

There is a proverb handed down from mouth to mouth among Native Africans.
"If you go faster, be alone, but if you go farther, travel together."
We who claim to live in a civilized culture, get wisdom from Native Africans.
The word "companion" has been forgotten for a long, since we rushed to the groundless goal for being the first class in the world, struggling in the overheating competition. Our education presses our students saying compete with your classmates and go one step farther than them.
That's why the students in Korea are unhappy.

Our school aims are "traveling together" and "pleasant school"

Firstwe are going to practice "noblesse oblige"
The One who has more privileges should take more responsibilities socially and morally.
Sharing and giving away is the ultimate way for us to live.
We are not all the competitors but companions and co-workers.
Our school is the cradle of character education.
Secondour aim is that our students and parents, also co-workers make a happy school.
Education is to teach joyfully and to learn happily and this will happen in school.
This is our Sahmyook School where students study joyfully, developing their own interests and talents, and raise talented people who make humanity prosperous.

Our school is a real "Healing Camp".
No bullies, No smokers, No violence.
Welcome to our clean campus, Honam SahmYook School.
Honam Sahm Yook is to be a cradle of your dream and keep your precious dream for a long time.

Thank You.

Principal Choi hong Suk

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Ideology of sahmyook.

  Our school is in charge of Middle School Education and managed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Education for the whole person is the fundamental principle of Sahmyook Eudcation.
It focuses on spiritual, mental and physical development so students can represent the image in which we were first created by God.

삼육학원 실내모습(왼쪽), 학생들이 토론하는 모습(오른쪽)

Education Aims

Based on the Christian spirit, we emphasize three things in our education:
the development of cheerful and serene minds, the ability to carve our a future, and the cultivation of the qualities needed to be a global citizen.

The nourishment of global leaders harmonized spiritually and intelligently
The nourishment of global leaders harmonized spiritually and intelligently
Education Ideal person Educational Aims
A man of religion People who are honest, fear God and observe propriety.
A man of independence People who are positive and have the ability to exercise self-control and take initiative.
A man of ability People who have the ability to take the lead in studies.
A man of originality People who create new values by their way of thinking.
A man of helath People who are well balanced with physical and mental health
Emphasis and practice
Emphasis and practice
Promotion Plan Practice
1.Proper character education focused on religion. 1) Reading the Bible and praying.
2) Practicing love and serving others.
3) Thorough training on basic etiquette and manners.
2. Thorough management of academic achievement. 1) Repletion on basic knowledge and achievement.
2) Establishing the class for a group discussion.
3) Effective tailor-made guidance for students' future.
3. Evaluation of Educational activities. 1) Revitalization for councils of subjects and committess.
2) Revitalization for self - encouragement of classes.
3) Developmental educational activites focused on evaluation.
Special projects and practice
Special projects and practice
Promotion Plan Practice
1. Intensive education with native speakers in the live English program. 1) Division of one class into five small groups.
2) Substantial curriculum prior to conversation.
3) Accurate evaluation based on situations.
2. Execution of level-divided English-, Math-, and Bible classes. 1) Division of one class into A and B groups.
2) Using didactically correct methods to maximize effectiveness.
3) Carrying out replacements through accurate evaluation.
3. Establishing the class for group discussions. 1) Small group classes.
2) Execution of discussion classes throughout all subjects.
3) Expansion of creativity by discussion classes and focusing on students' activities.

교실 모습(왼쪽위), 조별로 모여 공부를 하고 있다.(오른쪽위), 수업모습(왼쪽 아래), 수업모습(오른쪽 아래)

We develop happy lives through character education.

We develop happy lives through character education.
Easy Bible reading.

Every morning there is a 10 minute Bible reading to deepen students' knowledge of God's word.

Time for meditation every noon.

helping students with the formation of their "self".

Education on temperance towards smoke and drink.

Prevention of smoking and drinking through constant instruction.

healthy Buffet-style lunches

direct students to balance their nutrition with a diet based on a range of vegetables, nuts and protein replacements.

The Green Mileage System is used for effective school-life guidance.

Students are motivated to follow the school rules through rewarding positive behavior.

학생들이 강당에 모여있다(왼쪽 위), 선생님과 학생이 발표를 하고 있다(오른쪽 위), 두 학생이 기도하고 있다(왼쪽 아래), 두 학생이 기도 하고 있다(오른쪽 아래)

English Immersion Education as preparation tool for Globalization.

English Immersion Education as preparation tool for Globalization
Live English with native English speakers.

Students work in groups of 7-8 in the English Cafe.

Native speakers manage Reading and Conversation classes.

Students are rewarded through the Talent Market.

Management of English Mega Town.(EMT)

Everyone should speak English.

Bible classes on the Sabbath Day.(Saturday)

The program runs from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

It includes singing, storytelling and short presentations on various subjects.

Discussions take place in small groups.

English is used for the sermon on particular days.

English Camps.

English camps take place during every summer and winter vacation.

International relationships.

교실에서 원어민 선생님과 학생이 수업을 하고 있다.

Improving students abilities through tailor-made education depending on their levels.

Improving students abilities through tailor-made education depending on their levels.
Small group classes according to students' levels.
(English, mathematics)

The lower group has less students for more intensive guidance.

After-school Program.

There are two special intensive classes per grade for English and Mathematics higher level students.

Constant curriculum integration from grade 1 to 3.

Copulative teaching during the summer and winter vacation.

Management of grades using student management cards.

Encouragement to read.

Selection of recommended books.

Events like "Day of Reading" during Book Week.

Discussions, contests and exhibitions related to reading.

Parents reading club.

교실에서 선생님과 학생이 수업을 하고 있다.

Students are helped to develop their talents through various special activities.

Students are helped to develop their talents through various special activities.
Two musical instruments per person - "Plan"

Every student can learn to play musical instruments

using the practice room, instruments and other materials.

We have an orchestra where students' work can be exhibitioned.

Various Volunteer service Activites.

Students can do different kinds of volunteer work.

Teachers and students climb Mt.Mudeung together on Teacher's Day

Training and Madalphy Training Center.

"Self - denial" activites

nomok Nature Observatory activities.

School Excursions and Namdo Culture Exploration.

Nanuri Volunteer service every Saturday.

Events that encourage students to improve their talents.

We provide opportunities to display students' abilities through events such as school festivals, concerts, Temperance Emphasis Week, Quiz Contests, etc.

학생들이 악기를 다루고 있다(왼쪽, 오른쪽 위), 합창하는 모습(왼쪽 아래), 학생이 공을 차고 있다(오른쪽 아래)